The White Crow

The White Crow (12A)

In 1961, Russia’s greatest ballet dancer, Rudolf Nureyev, defected to the West while on tour in Paris, causing a huge political incident. Actor-director Ralph Fiennes focuses on this part of Nureyev’s story while also going back in time to chart Nureyev’s progression from poverty to the point where he seeks asylum at Le Bourget airport.

Ukranian dancer Oleg Ivenko is fantastic in his first film role giving full rein to Nureyev’s difficult, temperemental ego in both Russian and English. But the ballet scenes are where the film soars into life so we can fully understand how this artist transformed the world of ballet forever.
Friday, September 27th 2019

NOTE – New Times:
Doors open at 7pm
Film starts at 7.30pm

Director: Ralph Fiennes
Year: 2019
Certificate: 12A
Mainly English with occasional subtitles
Running time: 2 hours 2 minutes
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And the critics say…

“It’s astonishing that this is Ivenko’s first movie role, because he projects Nureyev’s drive, seductiveness, intellectual curiosity, imperiousness, vulnerability, and mercurial temper with a naturalism that seems effortless.” Andrea Gronvall, Chicago Reader

“Director Ralph Fiennes makes this hypnotic look into the young life of controversial ballet icon Rudolph Nureyev (Oleg Ivenko) a thing of bruised beauty and an exhilarating gift.” Peter Travers, Rolling Stone

“Some viewers will find the result too fussy by half; I liked its restlessness, and the sense of a chafed and driven spirit that refuses to be boxed in.” Anthony Lane,  The New Yorker

“The White Crow is engaging enough to overcome the stumbles in how its story is told. The climactic defection scene is a nailbiter, and Fiennes evokes what feels like an authentic Tati-era Paris.” Sherilyn Connelly,  SF Weekly