Tangerine (15)

Tangerine is a whirlwind, riotous buddy comedy-drama. This is is not a low-budget glory, it’s a micro-budget one. Its gorgeous look belies that it was filmed entirely on an iPhone 5S.

It’s Christmas Eve in Tinseltown and sex worker,  Sin-Dee Rella, is back on the block after spending 28 days in jail. Upon hearing that her pimp boyfriend hasn’t been faithful while she was locked up, the working girl and her best friend, Alexandra, embark on a mission to get to the bottom of the scandalous rumor. Their rip-roaring odyssey leads them through various subcultures of Los Angeles, including an Armenian family dealing with their own repercussions of infidelity.

If the no-budget ingenuity of the film’s production was noteworthy enough, even more important is its honest and big-hearted portrayal of its transgender characters, played, in a first for Hollywood, by transgender actors.

Friday, December 8th 2017
Doors open at 7.30pm
Film starts at 8pm

Tickets will be available from Baileys Deli in Llangollen, oneline via Skiddle (with no booking fee) or at our Facebook page .

Upstairs@The Town Hall,
Llangollen Town Hall,
Castle Street, Llangollen

Director: Sean Baker
Year: 2015
Certificate: 15
Running time: 1 hour 28 minutes
Please note: Tangerine contains very strong language

Shot with an iPhone 5S and an app called Filmic Pro, Sean Baker’s no-budget indie comedy Tangerine has a rough-and-ready feel, an anarchic sort of New Wave looseness.”  ★★★★ The Guardian

“…as impressive is the quality of the performances, and the sheer big-heartedness of the story, which traces one incident-packed Christmas Eve in the lives of two transgender sex workers.” Sight and Sound

“Tangerine Is Amazing—But Not Because of How They Shot It.”  Wired

“Not a single frame of this heart, mind and soul-spinning movie prods you into remembering you’re watching “the iPhone film”. It radiates a candour, immediacy and tongue-scalding sex appeal that a bigger budget would have only smothered.” Daily Telegraph

Tangerine is a bit of a marvel, a low-budget film reportedly shot entirely on the iPhone 5 but one which combines extraordinary visual inventiveness, humour and pathos.”★★★★ The Independent

“Baker (and cowriter Chris Bergoch) clearly love their characters rather than pity them, and though they obviously understand the role of race and gender in our social hierarchy, feel no need to prove that transgender women of color are human, too. They already know it and expect us to know it too.” Vogue